Nature Workshops

Our friends the lovely Swedes!

In our line of work we have long known the Scandinavians can teach us alot about our work outdoors with children and recently we have seen this for ourselves. One of our session leaders, Tara recently went to Sweden went off for a study trip funded by the fantastic people at the Lady Allen Trust (what an amazing woman!) and here we can present her report, fab pictures plus links to Swedish resources.

It’s all about being child led, letting children take risks in the natural world and providing your staff and encouraging parents to do the same.  One of the biggest dangers to our children are cars on roads and in Sweden there are far more pedestrian areas and play areas. The society has decided this is how best to protect their children. As Tara points out to make these changes in the UK takes a movement but this is what we need to keep children safe, not to keep them hemmed in and cooped up.  Tara’s full report ‘Sweden Adventures’ is here to download and a lovely Powerpoint presentation on the trip with loads of photos can be sent by e mail on request.

Check out what else the Swedish are doing using a model which is being copied across the world.

PS this is not a picture of Tara but simply one girl in a safe environment!

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