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All welcome but please book early by clicking here to avoid disappointment and we can send further details.
In our sessions we have adventures, learn how the earth works, how to use tools, make fires, build dens, explore rockpools and the underwater world, make up other worlds, learn about themselves, each other and have FUN. We create communities of enquiry which will build respect, academic ecological and environmental understanding and improve aesthetic awareness. We can do any number of sessions but the more we do the better able we are to measure the impact on the children. We can also provide the best birthday party EVER including catering.

We offer one off activities, sessions and quests. You may be looking for a fun family day out or an event with friends or work colleagues. We can run sessions in the best possible places in Cornwall and beyond in woods, on beaches including snorkelling, providing all the equipment and catering over an open fire. Call us to discuss your ideas.

We can work anywhere you need us to be and if it’s fantasy you want we can make sparks to light a fire with a dragons sneeze.  Or use a magnesium stick if you want to do outdoor chemistry.

‘I was delighted at how the children took ‘ownership’ of the sessions. Despite being a particulalrly difficult group you gave then experiences and time for reflection on how to get on together. Extremely productive!’ Local  Year 5 Teacher

Our primary focus is to improve emotional literacy in order to improve life chances and to prove it. We are fully au fait with the current early intervention agenda for working with vulnerable children, adolescents and adults. Equally we provide sessions and activities for children and families on their holidays in Cornwall or can travel anywhere in the country to run one off events in natural environments.

We deliver activities for children in woodlands on the foreshore and in water with people aged 3+. The sites are chosen and negotiated to be as close to you as possible, but we try and choose sites which are off the beaten track to allow people to feel a sense of belonging and ownership while they are there.

‘My favourite part of the service was the encouragement for the children to value each other and celebrate each others contributions’  Headteacher

After several sessions a 10 year old may learn basic tool use by first making their own mallet which they can then use to help them make both useful and beautiful objects such as woodland furniture and musical instruments. A 15 year old may go snorkelling for the first time and see first hand Cornish marine wildlife and stratification in intertidal zones. Regular practice week after week means the skills will not be forgotten as they become built into neural pathways.nature workshops

‘It encourages the development of curiosity, patience and observational skills, since the patterns and forms in a forest are not immediately obvious, but take some seeking out’ Parent

Spending time in natural environments is fun and it is good for physical and emotional well being. It has been found to improve motivation, concentration, confidence, social skills, communication skills and its fun.

Please go here to make a booking.

Please see our ‘If you go down to the woods today’ (2mb Word doc) where we prove the positive impact our session has on children’s self esteem, behaviour and sense of well being for children with ADHD or behavioural and emotional difficulties. Here is a short presentation on the work.

Building confidence in the woods from janeacton


‘Now I see the secret of making the best persons it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth’ Walt Whitman

‘The best classroom is roofed only by the sky’ Margaret McMillan

See our latest Heritage Lottery Fund project (click on) Stackhouse Secrets retracing the footsteps of local 18th centruy natural historian John Stackhouse, one of the UK’s most distinguished seaweed expert. Supporting the work of the Marine Conservatrion Society.

Each 2 hour contact time as a minimum includes finding suitable sites and negotiating permission with the landowner, preparing session plans, bringing equipment to and from the site for each session, full risk assessments on site before each session. For programmes of 6 weeks or longer we can also provide detailed assessments of children’s learning styles and progress for each session.nature workshops

We can provide sessions at a universal level or targeted for specific children who may be vulnerable or with complex needs with group sizes of up to 12. The age range is from 3 years upwards although we can work with younger children if parents bring them. We can work with you to meet access needs. For example off road wheelchairs could be hired and ‘includers’ can be negotiated where necessary.

‘It was better than Disneyland!’ Child

Our charges are negotiable depending on the agency’s or family’s ability to pay. We can support with help with finding funds where necessary. We are keen to make our service as accessible to as many children and young people as possible. This is regardless of family’s ability to pay or the child’s individual needs. We work in collaboration with all the local agencies to facilitate this.

We have qualified minibus drivers.

What do children and young people say about ‘nature workshops’? nature workshops

‘what a fantastic day, we really enjoyed ourselves as a family’
‘I like it 100 out of 10’
‘wow time went quick’
‘it was the most interesting day of my life’
‘this week has been great’

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