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“brilliant tuition from exceptionally qualified and experienced instructors” (NWSMP learner)

Spending time near water either for work or leisure can be a beautiful thing. It can also however quickly become dangerous; streams can become rivers, and the strike of a freak wave can turn serenity into an emergency.

Our training programme is designed to give you the confidence and the competence to deal with these situations and make the most of your time spent in watery environments.


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Royal Life Saving Society Water Safety Training: NWSMP Levels 1, 2 & 3

“Great to get you thinking about all the safety aspects of working near water!” (Exeter City Council employee)

Nature Workshop water safety.

RLSS-certified training to individuals living or working near to water This training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about water safety.

Offering a range of prevention and response techniques, our training balances the need for simple proactive safety management and risk assessment practices (with a strong focus on preventative measures) alongside effective emergency response skills.

For more information including prices, please see our Water Safety Training FAQs and to find out when and where our next course is visit our bookings page.

In addition to our scheduled courses, we are also happy to organise private training sessions at suitable locations for groups of 6+. If your company or organisation is interested in booking a NWSMP course with us please contact us an e can discuss your requirements.

 “natural environments shouldn’t be feared as many accidents are easily preventable once the risks are understood” (Lucy RLSS accredited trainer)

BSAC Snorkelling Training

We are a BSAC member and can offer accredited snorkelling training for all ages. We are also now able to teach BSAC’s ‘Marine Life Appreciation’ course which uncovers the wonders of the deep!

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